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The end numbers you are calling through Burner are not shown.Incoming calls show up as calls from your Burner number. Prepaid Burners need to be extended manually before their expiration date.Subscription lines auto-renew, and you can have up to 3 of those.MASC utilizes 4096 bit RSA cryptography and AES256-GCM technology.If you do answer, you'll hear “press 1 to accept this call." Pressing 1 puts the call through to you.This functionality acts like a barrier that prevents callers from hitting your personal number's voicemail.

They'll call one number, and they'll be routed to the number (or numbers) you select: home, office, or cell—all at once, or one after another.

If you're finding it tricky to work up to courage to ask for numbers, don't despair.

Even the very best, most glowingly confident "players" once struggled with the very same thing.

You can even set your own business hours so you'll only receive calls when you want them.

And with a number to handle your business, your cell phone number remains just for personal use.

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