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In 1958, the MA 110 Expressway received the I-495 designation.

At the same time, the Mass DPW developed plans for a new MA 25 Expressway (originally called "Relocated Route 28" southeast of Raynham), which was to connect the I-95 / I-495 in Foxborough with the Bourne Bridge in Buzzards Bay, at the gateway to Cape Cod.

Since the proposed outer loop connected at both ends to the "Relocated US 1" - the future I-95 - the Mass DPW submitted the route to the Federal Bureau of Public Roads (BPR) for inclusion into the Interstate highway system.

The BPR approval guaranteed 90 percent Federal funding for the 5 million highway; the commonwealth was to pay the remaining costs.

As early as the 1950's, town boards anticipated the need to accommodate growth along what was then called the "Relocated Route 110." Local officials cited the need for zoning changes and utility enhancements to promote development along the corridor.Stretching from Salisbury to Foxborough, the "Relocated Route 110" was to be routed through a mix of industrialized and lightly populated areas roughly along a 30-mile radius of Boston.It was to supplement the "Relocated Route 128" (Yankee Division Highway), which was being built to serve towns and inner-ring suburbs roughly along a 15-mile radius of Boston, and the proposed (but never built) Inner Belt Expressway (I-695) in the urban core.Though O’Donnell is happy in her new relationship, she told Stern on Monday that she would never get married again. RELATED VIDEO: Rosie O’Donnell Wants to Play Steve Bannon on She also called dating someone younger for the first time a “very trippy thing.” “I get along so well with her, it’s kind of fascinating,” she added.

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