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He was eventually placed in the care of Orube, and became somewhat of a Team Pet to the girls. Main villain of the first season, and a major one in the second. He is aided by a scary dog named Sniffer, who can track down any scent.

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We hope that John’s backing John Mc Donnell MP, secretary of the National Union of Journalists group in Parliament, stated in the Chamber of the House of Commons that he was unhappy with all the amendments that have been tabled, from all sides, in relation to the Serious Crime Bill on 23John said “There are three principles on which the NUJ has been campaigning—in relation to RIPA, DRIPA and this Bill—in regard to applications for access to information on journalistic sources by the police, the intelligence services or anybody else.

We have discovered that a large proportion of applications have come from people in that last category—“anybody else”—in recent years, including even local authorities.

Acts as The Mentor to the girls in the animated series and to a lesser extent in the comic.

A native of the planet Basiliade who is introduced as the Temporary Substitute for Taranee when she quits the team, and who becomes more of a Sixth Ranger when Taranee returns.

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