Who is andersen cooper dating

“We were set up on a blind date, we had a phone call to set up the date.

I was a young reporter at ABC, he was at CBS and I knew within 45 seconds I was never going on a date with Andy Cohen,” said Cooper.

Cooper, 50, the pair discussed first impressions, dancing at the Roxy nightclub, lost luggage and Panda Express. ANDERSON COOPER We had a phone call to set up the date. ANDY COHEN I remember being home when I made the call, on Horatio Street. COOPER Within 45 seconds, he said, “Your mom is Gloria Vanderbilt.”COHEN So bad. COOPER I imagined him on a Bluetooth headset, walking around, gesticulating a lot.

COOPER I remember going up some waterway in a slow-moving boat, talking to you, sort of entranced. That was my goal: Maybe I can crack this guy up, and that’s where we can come together. COHEN Oh, yes, from “Flashdance.” We were on the boat, it’s a very fast dance, and I was barefoot. But one of the things I don’t think Andy has gotten enough credit for is he’s been an openly gay man in this industry from the very beginning. But I told you I was going to be making a statement.

That’s the first time I remember being like, “You’re funny.”COHEN Then we would have dinner occasionally, or be at the same party. COHEN Our shows are so different, but we have commonalities because we’re both on every night. I turned to Andy and said, “I gotta go,” and, Andy, as a newsman, what was it you said? They just want you outside at some rainstorm so they can get ratings.”COOPER Needless to say, I was on the next flight out. COOPER It was more about not discussing it publicly.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper could have been a happy couple if not for the “Watch What Happens Live” host’s one tiny faux pas.

During a joint appearance on the “Tonight Show” Friday, Cooper told host Jimmy Fallon that the pair had been set up on a blind date but that Cohen blew it by breaking a cardinal Cooper dating rule while they were discussing the logistics over the phone.

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