Validating email php

It would have to be reviewed and re-written at this point.

The instructions in the code above indicate that the error reporting code belongs in the body of your website.

Best Regards, TJ Edens I advise checking your SMTP settings to make sure everything is configured properly.

Likewise, you can follow your mail logs for specific errors.

Thank you, John-Paul Hello Gero, That happens because the 'submitted' state is still in effect.

When the page is initially created, the state is not 'submitted'.

Using php Mailer to Send Mail through PHP How to set up Form Mail It may be possible, but you will have to custom-code/develop a solution.

Alternately, if you are using a CMS such as Word Press, Drupal, or Joomla, it may be easier to use a 3rd party plugin or extension.

Thank you, John-Paul Hello Dan, Our apologies as the person who originally created this post is no longer with us, so the code has not been updated.

Or, if you're on a shared server I suggest you contact Live Support, so we can check the logs for you.

Hello Rikhil, You will want to contact your Support department to see what the email logs say about that particular email.

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