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resize=768:*" /When you think about solo travel, Albuquerque probably isn't the first place to come to mind.But don't let that stop you — between close-to-downtown accommodations, easily walkable (and Uber-friendly) sight-seeing, and nightlife that actually welcomes singles, it's perfect for the woman in need of some rich history.Sandra pulled up her knees, allowing him to push deeper into her pussy, then wrapped her legs around him while gently scraping his back with her nails. "I love feeling your chest against my tits, your cock in my little pussy." Jesse was at the edge and could no longer control himself. He knew only that there was a deep, unspoken connection between him and this beautiful woman fifteen years his junior.

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Plus, he was more than a little tired of the rich college girls flaunting their bodies at him to get "extra credit" or a little extra time for a paper. And she was doing nothing to hide her shapely legs from him. "I wondered when you'd notice me." Sandra almost whispered. And I'd like to get to know you." Sandra leaned over and kissed him deeply. He was surprised, but it took only seconds for him to realize that much of his frustration of late was his lack of physical intimacy.Jesse folded up the center console to get closer to her, moving to caress her legs, hoping to touch and feel her wetness. Sandra tugged at Jesse's shirt, pulling it up and off, allowing her to run her hands over his hairy chest, getting more turned on. Sandra sucked his cock briefly, then sat up, looked him in the eye, and ordered him, "Fuck me. Hell, get me pregnant and let me have your baby." Jesse did as she requested, moving again on top of her, pushing her panties to one side and thrusting his cock into her wet pussy.He pushed all the way in, feeling her tight cunt embrace his manhood while she looked in his eyes and whispered to him. Use me, fuck me." Jesse was thrusting hard into her now, watching her huge tits bounce with each push, and getting lost in the throes of a physical ecstasy like none he had ever experienced. Fuck me, use me, cum inside me." Sandra stuck her tongue into his ear and devoured his earlobe. That was the most amazing, intense sex of my life." Jesse had no words. So he hitched his travel trailer to his F150, a post-divorce gift to himself, and hit the road. It was a character trait that had landed him in more than one bad relationship. I can usually make it in six hours, but if you're doing the speed limit or less, it will take a fully day of driving." "Damn." She was honestly worried now. So now we just need to get a bus ticket home, but we decided to get some lunch. Plus, the next bus doesn't leave here until 10 p.m. "Hello ladies." Jesse resigned himself to being part of the conversation and resolved to end it quickly and get back on the road. Going to do some travelling and writing this summer during my time off." "You're a writer? " Jennifer thought she was about to meet someone rich and famous. I'm a professor of management at Arizona State, but I'm originally from Texas. The dust followed, and visibility degraded to almost nothing. Why did it seem that everyone, his ex included, wanted something that hadn't been earned? The miles flew by, and the low fuel warning chime was kind enough to bring him back to reality. In the company of others, he defaulted to helpfulness. And this is my bestie, Sandra." "Hi, sir." Sandra was obviously raised to be more respectful than Jennifer. " Jennifer was trying to make herself seem smarter than she was. But I haven't been to the campus." "It's typical Oklahoma, but it's close to home. Jesse's camper fishtailed, and Jesse started looking for a place to pull off the road.

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