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The doc­tors tell us that there isn’t any­thing med­ically to do to make him bet­ter so they are doing pal­lia­tive care.Please keep Bob and the Cihla fam­ily in your thoughts and prayers.) Christmas Countdown: Marshmallow Message: Racing to the Finish Line: Getting a Glass of Water: Rocking Baby Jesus: Cheering on our Football Team: (if you know NFL, then this will make sense) Building our family as Snowmen: Sneaking a picture of himself playing the drums at church into our Sunday Morning announcements: Trying to make a clean getaway with the Hub’s wallet: technically, that was 46, but i didn’t think you’d mind a little extra one added in there!i hope you enjoyed some our favorites from over the years, and i hope its helpful for you as you plan your for your own elf!Many of us spend time on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, ch…

My Heritage can help you with your genealogy search.i thought it might be helpful to have a compilation of our beloved Eli the Elf’s shenanigans all in one place.so this post is for all of you who, like me, need a quick and easy resource guide.We under­stand that in many ways peo­ple are mov­ing away from real phys­i­cal books, but also mov­ing away from tra­di­tional desk­top Macs and PCs.The “mobile Web” is tak­ing a larger and larger share of our online inter­ac­tion.

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