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The 2011 study showed that these women wanted to have sex more than twice a week.

Sex is so important that those who aren’t getting enough of it can actually feel depressed.

Matching sex drives There is nothing more upsetting than wanting to make love but your partner is disinterested.

It is normal for one partner to have less of a drive sometimes, but if this becomes a habit, it can lead to conflict.

Consider the rule “three before me”, which states that your partner should ensure you orgasm three times before they do.

While three times might seem unattainable for some, the fact that your partner has your pleasure in mind means they’re putting effort into making sure you’re also having a good time.

“They will be checking to see whether a man is trimmed, waxed, shaved, styled or au naturel from the top of his head to the tips of his toes,” he reckons.

Pre-lovemaking chats were important to women from France, Spain and the UK, the study revealed.

Sex is an integral part of any relationship, along with good communication, acceptance and love.

A study conducted by Pharma Dynamics last year involved more than 700 women between the ages of 18 and 55 throughout South Africa.

They were asked to complete a survey about the effects that a lack of sex has on their mental well-being.

Cape Town – ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe on Monday laughed off claims that he had been engaging in Whats App conversations with a student as alleged in a Weekly Xposé article."I don't want to talk about sex now.

I want to talk about the conference," Mantashe told News24 when contacted for comment.

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