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The few minutes after heart failure are critical, and the portable defibrillator allows for immediate resuscitative action.Sturdy, portable IT devices Tablet computers and mobile wireless computer stations are now a standard part of the day-to-day methods of delivering care to patients.But what are the technologies responsible for this monumental transformation?One nursing professional – and author of a site called The Nurse Lady- offers these 19 technologies that changed nursing forever. Electronic IV monitors There was a time when IVs had to be administered with a nurse’s constant attention to ensure a steady flow.

Devices that satisfy this requirement are: Android Versions 2.2 or later 16GB or higher i Phone Version 4; 16GB or higher original (first generation) and 3G i Phones cannot be supported i Pad Second Generation; 16GB or higher i Pad Mini 16GB or higher What’s the difference?

Gone are the days when a nurse had to measure blood pressure manually.

According to one nurse, this is the technological change that makes the biggest daily difference. Information management As computer technologies become the primary means of managing patient information, nurses have had to adapt their record-keeping practices and increase their computer skills.

Ultrasound has been nothing short of revolutionary in the field of Women’s Health and pregnancy, allowing nurses and doctors to noninvasively identify the health of the baby throughout pregnancy.

Now, with the advent of 4-D ultrasound, unprecedented detail is available for diagnosing fetal well-being.

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