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Her little tits are way to perky to have hit 18 years old yet! Now she is eighteen years old here in these candid beach pics. She also seems to have chosen an adult bikini instead of her Hello Kitty shit she was wearing previously. I wonder if the guy on the other side of the webcam connection was furiously typing, "Kiss! Plus, she doesn’t seem to show camel toe even in a wet bikini lending more weight to the notion that there is a thatch of hair down there. Could it be that she doesn’t give a shit about the waif movement and prefers to keep a few pounds of fat on her frame to smooth out the rough edges? No matter what your reasoning is for having a “thing” for this blonde bombshell, Banned Celebs has plenty of pics and videos of her to wet your whistle (among other things). I see a lot of searches for all kinds of miss-spellings like Victoria Sainvstedt, Victoria Silverstedt or Victoria Silversted.Not that Hello Kitty and Japanese girls don’t go well together! I often wonder if Justin realizes he is an adult now. Without a doubt one of the coolest things about Miley Cyrus is that she has a ton of photos out there posing with other girls in bikinis. Checking out little girls like Miley Cyrus in their bikinis. It is that you have to give so much else up to do it the way you are. I figure these people are just sounding out what they think her name sounds like.I was surprised to see Taylor Swift’s mouth around some cock and Jennifer Lawrence really is one of those celebrities that could go either way on presenting herself as a good girl while surely being so bad.If you want to check these babes out, Banned Celebrity Tapes is the deal for you.You’ve spent enough time slaving at your job, spend it, and your remaining time, wisely! I am not sure if Selena Gomez is jailbait in some of these photos. I used to spend hours scanning the Internet for stuff to look at, but not anymore! Remember high school where everyone "didn’t" masturbate?I can tell you that she didn’t start shaving her muff yet. With celebrities anything goes and that sort of incest just makes it all hotter! Where did these naked pictures of Selena Gomez come from? Now I stick to using my Dirty Teen password when I want to find the good shit. Then in college it was so fucking liberating to find out that literally everyone masturbated? That is what it is like when you spend a month saving countless hours of time! Miley Cyrus is becoming more and more daring as she tried to shed that good girl image. Hey, I’d rather my daughter dress like a slut then spend the night in jail any day!

We all have really, some of us are just better at hiding it than others.

I think her exact words were that she should eat less cheeseburgers and more salads. They hate it when others talk about their muffin top or some nasty cellulite on the backside.

Then they themselves go around talking the same shit about everyone else. I even told my GF she’d better hope I continue to enjoy it because she won’t be able to keep her figure forever.

Then she got a gig with MTV in which she did several reality shows that followed her around. I think I can remember the incident where Katona and her husband were robbed at knife point in their own home back in 2007. They go on the hunt for all of the naughty stuff and deliver it straight to your computer screen so you can focus on stuff like titties and celebrity pussy pie!

Eventually her blossoming weight dropped her ratings literally into the toilet and MTV canned her ass. Since it happened in England it is now a vague memory. I think she is wondering what happened to her feet! It is so funny that you think you are rocking that white bikini! I get lots of requests to do a post on Selena Gomez every day and I think it is about time I make one. But we aren’t here to talk about her career or her personal choices when it comes to romance.

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