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All the while his pseudo-nationalism has been selling Ireland in leprechaun-esque fashion with lines like, “They don’t understand these crazy Irish men looking to take their head clean off.

This is what we do; we’ve been doing it for generations.

The warning lights came on pretty quickly and it wasn't just Mc Gregor that was to blame.

On The Late Late Show, the nation's premier Friday-night talk show, he made his first appearance around the same time we met up but that was very different.

“Full of Irish horse power I am going to run you over,” he writes having made it back inside. “Mc Donald's on the Long Mile Road,” said an accommodating Mc Gregor when asked where best to meet for an interview in early 2013. What you think about, it’ll happen.” It continued on in that infectious way.

The last few efforts on Conor Mc Gregor's Twitter are enough to give a tell-tale insight into his modern-day mindset.

“Driving home in this heat and in this nick and in this motor and in this bread and in this f*****g life I am so blessed,” he writes beside a picture of himself topless while driving a convertible.

One win down with a sizable impression made, and still that likable rogue with a glint in his eye and a glow from his skin as he headed into a very different unknown, this time with excitement rather than fear. The morning came when Conor Mc Gregor emptied the books from his schoolbag, took the ends off a barbell, and left the metal shaft visible out the top so those he hated would know he was serious.

In Crumlin, an occasionally tough but ultimately decent part of Dublin, he'd taken a beating over a girl, was jumped by 10 guys and, as he put it when we met, “I could give you another 50 stories of walking down the street and someone trying to start a fight. I know it sounds stupid, we were kids, but at the time you were petrified and it played a part in the path I chose”.

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