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Six years ago the Bio Logos Foundation published an article entitled Christian Geologists on Noah’s Flood: Biblical and Scientific Shortcomings of Flood Geology (Davidson and Wolgemuth 2010).

As of 9/19/2016, this article was freely accessible online at Gregg Davidson and Ken Wolgemuth, present what they believe are strong geological arguments for an old earth.

However, recent research by Schieber, Southard and Thaisen (2007) and Schieber and Yawar (2009), using the Indiana University Flume Laboratory, has demonstrated that the commonly observed laminated mudrocks, so prevalent throughout the rock record and around the globe, formed by moving water, and energetic deposition.

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Likewise, interpretation of other rock units consisting of many thin laminations makes more sense if one assumes that the laminae were formed rapidly. In the past, uniformitarian philosophy taught that clay-rich mudrocks formed by slow settling out of nearly stagnant water. It also held that thick deposits of clay-rich rocks needed thousands and even millions of years of slow, stagnant clay deposition, as is observed in parts of the deep ocean today. “Spontaneous Stratification in Granular Mixtures.” Nature 386 (6623): 379–382. They made the same claims with the same example in a subsequent, virtually identical, presentation in a widely circulated Christian journal (Davidson and Wolgemuth 2012). Other old-earth advocates (Morton 2003) also believe this to be a strong argument.

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