Three assumptions of radiometric dating

[....] The discovery was published in Science, a scientific journal, on Friday [09/02/11]. That is the same species as the superstar fossil dubbed Lucy, an adult female discovered nearby in 1974.

[....]" [Based on: Article (Scientists unearth evidence that Ice Age giants originated in Tibet) cn 2011-09-04 - Editor: Wang Guanqun] NASA's Curiosity rover has [2013] uncovered signs of an ancient freshwater lake on Mars, which scientists say could have been a perfect spot for tiny primitive organisms to flourish if they ever existed on the red planet. P.] The watering hole near the Martian equator existed about 3.5 billion years ago around the time when life evolved on Earth. [NP] The skeleton, described in the British scientific journal Nature and National Geographic magazine, represents the first juvenile remains of these ancient humanlike creatures, making the fossil the oldest child by far ever found. From the waste down, the skeleton looks like a human's. Her brain was small, her nose flat like a chimpanzee's and her face long and projecting.

The end of the Younger Dryas has been dated to about 9640 BC (11,590 calendar years BP).

[....]"*Trivia: "It is perfectly safe to say that at the commencement of the Pleistocene Period there was no land with an elevation of over 100 feet, if as much, on the face of the earth.

13] - [First published by Times Books (as The Times Compact Atlas of World History) 1995 - updated and reprinted 2002] 2.3 Million - Homo / Ethiopia - "An upper jaw of early Homo, the genus to which modern humans belong, was recovered with primitive stone tools at Hadar, Ethiopia.

Dated to 2.33 million years, they represent the oldest firmly dated association of stone tools with a fossil human ancestor.

C.] ascribed 2,160,000 years to the period 'between creation and universal catastrophe.' " [Based on: Fingerprints Of The Gods, p.

is divided into two main sub-divisions: the Tertiary and the Quaternary.Adam's date, consequently, falls into a post-35,000 BC category.But the Neanderthalers and others preceded this era - so how could Adam be said to be the 'first' man? " [Based on: Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, p.Thus, we are moving closer to the grand center, and will pass into Treta Yuga around the year 4099 A.D.[1] [....]" - Woolly rhino / Tibet - "[....] The recently uncovered Tibetan woolly rhino, named Coelodonta thibetana, lived in the middle Pliocene around 3.7 million years ago, before the Ice Age, or Pleistocene, began about 2.8 million years ago. D., 05/21/15] - "A 3.3-million-year-old skeleton of a young child curled into a ball no bigger than a cantaloupe - described as 'a bright beam of light' on human evolution - was unveiled Wednesday [09/20/06 - even though it was discovered in 2000, six years ago! [NP = new paragraph] The bones may be the best fossil yet found of the primitive human ancestor Australopithecus afarensis.

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